Adolescent Therapy 1-1

I have worked with teenagers for over 10 years, supporting young people in secondary schools and therapeutic residential care homes. I have worked with clients experiencing suicidal ideation, self-harm, anxiety, depression and the stress from the pressures that young people can be under academically and sociably. Using different therapeutic approaches we can explore for example, childhood experiences, friendships, school life and family situations, to help understand your emotions, feelings, reactions and behaviours. We can work towards developing coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety and we can learn about the brain to help you make sense of the changes happening as we go through the teenage years within this complex organ, which can explain some of the shifts of moods that can occur at this age. Wish I’d have known this stuff all those years ago.

Curly the Therapy Cavapoo can sometimes join sessions. He can help children relax in sessions with his chilled and laid back temperament.

Having my own struggles with anxiety as a teenager and on into my adult life, I wish I had found the support I needed much sooner than I did.


Andrea Clarke MBACP

Owner of Amber Therapy Croxley Green

Hi! I’m Andrea and I have been growing Amber Therapy here in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire since 2015.